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Spirit Wind


A special day of prayer and fasting was first established in April 1999 for the Creek Nation by Dr. Negiel Bigpond, Chief Perry Beaver, Rev. Bunny Hill and the people of the Creek Nation uniting together in prayer and fasting.

In April 2002 this special day of prayers was extended to include the Five Civilized Tribes with four of the Chiefs signing a Proclamation for a Special Day of Prayer every year in April. A representative was sent from each of the Five Civilized Tribes to the creek Nation Complex to represent their tribe and pray for their own tribal nation.  The Honor Guard presented the American flag, tribal flags were presented, a minister carried the cross, with the blowing of the shofar.

in April 2003 each of the Five Civilized Tribes held a Special Day of Prayer and fasting at each of the Five Civilized Tribal areas. This special day has continued to grow involving more tribal members  and more tribes each year.


Out of this has been birthed the Inter-Tribal Prayer Network; a network of the prayer leaders of the Five Civilized Tribes uniting with one another to support one another in this awesome work God has called them to pioneer.

We are believing that the Chiefs of all 39 tribal nations in Oklahoma will join in this Special Day of Prayer for their tribes. We are hoping that this Special day of Prayer will spread all across this Great Nation, with all the tribal chiefs and their people uniting to pray for their tribes and to heal the land of this great nation.

Prayer Points

12 valleys of prayer

  1. Media - That new technology and communications would come forth. Psalms 145:11-12
  2. Government - Prayer for the Tribal Chief, Council and areas of government which would include better communication and relationships in Washington, D.C.  2 Samuel 23:3
  3. Education - Prayer for the increase of funding for Tribal language, Tribal schools with better quality education, continuation of thriving history and culture, Native American studies to better educate the Church and Ministries. Psalms 119:18
  4. Economy - Prayer for the sustainment of Tribal finances as Godly commerce emerges to the forefront. Proverbs 10:22 Psalms 122:7
  5. Arts & Entertainment - tribal creativity restored - pottery, jewelry making dancing, music, etc. Psalms 51:12 Nehemiah 8:10
  6. Religion - churches and Godly traditions to flourish in the communities and homes, not man's traditions but God's revelations and understanding, godly in a good way. Daniel 2:22 Revelation 2:20-23
  7. Family - Children and family to function according to the Creator's design, proper role of elders is to train up a child....not teach up or preach up.....that is a set up. Psalms 115:14 Isaiah 54:13
  8. Elders - bringing honor and bridging the gap between the generations. Job 33:25 Exodus 20:12 Matthew 15:4
  9. Uphold Treaties - That the treaties past and present are kept and honored. Psalms 37:22 Psalms 132:12
  10. Health & Medical - Physical life, health and strength in our people, hospitals and all personnel taking care of our people. Proverbs 4:22
  11. Active Warriors - armed Forces, Military, Service Personnel - Tribal Police, Tribal Firefighters, EMT's etc. Psalms 140:7
  12. Israel - Prayer from the First Nations for the Blessing and Peace of Israel. Zephaniah 3:18-20

Spirit Wind

National Day of Prayer

our mission

The mission of Spirit Wind is to bring forth our Great Chiefs and their Nations together as one to seek God, the Creator of all thing, by prayer and fasting for the future of our people; joining in a united effort for a great spiritual movement and calling unto God the Creator as one voice to heal the land of this Great Nation.