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Dr. Negiel Bigpond



To provide spiritual support and a prayer covering for Native American leaders and ministries, and to establish intercessory prayer teams who are skilled in spiritual warfare and able to teach, train,and support believers called to intercede for Native Americans and Native american issues.

our mission

The mission of Spirit Wind is to bring forth our great Chiefs and their nations together as one to seek God, the Creator of all things, by prayer and fasting for the future of our People; joining in a united effort for a great spiritual movement and calling unto God the Creator as one voice to heal the land of this Great Nation. 

If you're looking for someone to stand in the gap on your behalf for your breakthrough call our prayer line.

Technology is allowing us to enlarge our circle around the world so come into our circle by joining us on our conference calls.


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​Native American Circle of Prayer is committed to sustain a prayer shield for the five-fold ministries involved in Native American issues through covenant relationships.